ISO 9001

Other means used in traffic of vehicles on the roads

1. Board, indicating beginning of part with  video surveillance

2.  Video surveillance camera

3. Light counter for the remaining time of duration of traffic current light

 original size

4. Traffic lights sections

 red original size
yellow original size

green original size

 red original size                                                      yellow original size

5. Surrounding railings and parapets

Парапет original size
Size - medium, low, high

6. Running pedestrian type of traffic light

7. Traffic spherical mirrors: ф-500 ф-600 ф-700 ф-800 ф-900

 original size original size original size


8. Cones lightreflective

PVC cone H = 800 mm.

Конус original size                           Конус 2 original size                            Конус 3 original size

Rubber cone H = 500 mm.

original size                         original size                         original size


9. Rubber bases for  temporary traffic organization

Гумена основа 2 original size      Гумена основа 1 original size     Гумена основа 3 original size

size: 80 x 40 sm. ; H = 10 sm. ; weight - 23 kg.

in kit with a pole H = 150 sm. ; 200 sm.


10. Traffic safety islands

Остров original sizeОстров 2 original size


11. Zink - coated traffic sign bases

основа триъгълна 1 original size       основа стоп 1 original size    основа кръгла2 original size

основа триъгълна 2 original size      основа стоп 2 original size      основа кръгла1 original size

основа със скоба 1 original size    основа със скоба 2 original size  

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