ISO 9001

Speed-limiting items and "O" car location locks

1. Rubber speed-limiter

original sizeoriginal size
original sizeoriginal size

h-3,00cm; h-5,00cm; h-7,00cm.


малки ограничители 4 original size малки ограничители 1 original size малки ограничители 2 original size 

 малки ограничители 3 original size малки ограничители 5 original size

2. Speed-limiter

original size
original size
original sizeoriginal size


original sizeoriginal size


 crew bars type-20 tons of pressure.


3. Lightreflectors "cat eye" type

светлоотразител 1 original size                            светлоотразител 2 original size

4.Lightreflectors (in different colours)

светлоотразител 3 original size        Светлоотразител 4 original size

5.  Horizontal marking

original size

6. Park–limiting poles 

к1 original sizeк2 original size
к3 original size


к4 original size

BG model; Apollo model - choices of colour

7. Position lock

 скоба1 original size скоба2 original size 
 скоба4 original size original size





7.  Lines; Lanes, uneven surfaces, symbols and park places

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