ISO 9001

Solvent printers, cutting plotters

Q-Jet 3212 original size
XAAR XJ128/360 number of heads12
Frequency of injection8 KHz
Resolution 180dpi ~ 360dpi
Height adjustment of the chapters 1-3 mm
Print width до 3.20 m
Print speed




2 crossings 44.2
3 crossings28.9
4 crossings 21.8
6 crossings 15.4
8 crossings 11.4
12 crossings  7.8


Color 4
Kind Solvent
PassingAutomatic submission of ink


Kind Vinyl, banner, network, film, canvas, cloth, paper, one way vision PVC film (perfofolio)
PassingAutomated system for submitting
TakingAutomatic system to take
File formatjpg, tiff
Way of workingFrom a software control panel
Cleaning systemAutomatic vacuum system
Heating systemBefore and after printing with automatic control
Drying systemOption of air-dried
Interface PCI
Software ColorPrint
Operating systemWindows 2000/ XP Home/ XP Professional
PC  configuration


CPU Pentium4 1500MHz или по-висок
RAM 512MB или повече
Hard drive10 GB min.
Power consumption220V, 15A
Temperature 20-30C, ideal 24-28C
Weight (net)Kg550
Cutting ploters 
original sizeoriginal size
  Series Economical
Модел 720 870 1100 1350
Maximum width of leaf720mm 870mm 1100mm 1350mm
Maximum cutting width630mm 780mm 1010mm 1260mm
Cutting speed50-800mm/s 50-800mm/s 50-800mm/s 50-800mm/s
Cutting force50-500g 50-500g 50-500g 50-500g
Net / Gross Weight (kg)10.5/20 12/24 13.5/27 16.6/32
Sizes (mm) 101*37.5*43 116*37.5*43 139*37.5*43 164*37.5*43
Cutting knife [1.2mm and 2.0mm]
Stuff Film, adhesive paper and PVC film
Display panel 8simvola X 2 lines LCD
Interface Parallel and serial port
Temperature 0-35º C

4000 Plovdiv
29 "Iljo Vojvoda" str.
+359 32 966 651

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