Пловдив 4003,
ул. "Ильо Войвода" No.29

About us

Company "Karat- Perfeкt" LTD  was established in 1989 with the object of activity:

  • Production of road signs according to BDS 1517 / 2020, BDS EN 12 899;
  • Labor Safety signs according to BDS 30-35 / 76, Ordinance No. 4, etc. regulations;
  • Construction;
  • Insulations: fire protection, waterproofing, noise insulation, thermal insulation;
  • Manufacturing of aluminum and PVC joinery;
  • Traffic lights devices and counters;
  • Speed limiters: rubber and "Gaber" type;
  • Street signs, Flags and Billboards;
  • Parking limiters and Barriers.

The company is  produced by 2020 more than 250,000 road signs, more than 300,000 occupational health and safety signs, more than 350,000 signs for electrical appliances and installations, etc.

Main customers :

  • Road signs: Municipalities, construction companies, industrial enterprises, etc.
  • Signs for electrical appliances: The power transmission and power distribution areas of NEK EAD, large industrial enterprises and companies trading in electrical materials.
  • For manufactured products, the company owns:

    • Integrated quality management system BDS EN ISO 9001:2015,
    • environmental management BDS EN ISO 14001:2015,
    • health and safety management at work BDS EN 45001:2018
    • certificates from accredited laboratories guaranteeing their qualities.